Flower Head pins by Brewer

A must have for any quilter. These pins will lie perfectly flat, perfect for rotary cutting and machine sewing.

2" long shaft that is 0.6mm thick. The lided box contains 100 pins.

Clover Patchwork Pins (fine)

Contains 100 pins

36 mm long.

Stored in its own clear box.

Clover Appliqué Pins

Only 2 cm long.

Stored in its own clear box.

Clover Quilting Pin (fine)

Contains approx 100 pins.

Approx 0.5 mm x 48 mm long.

Stored in its own clear box.

Flat Button Head Pins

Very cute (and useful!) pins

50 pins with pretty flat button heads.

Heat resistant - iron proof.

Flower Head Pins

Contains approx 60 pins.

Approx 0.65 mm x 54 mm long

Dressmakers Pins

Contains approx 350 pins.

Approx 0.61 mm x 30 mm long

Curved Safety Pins

27 mm, size 0, 100 pieces.

Pin Cushion

Tomato style pin cushion

This pin cushion contains mini rock particles which allow pins to be re-sharpened.

Approximately 6 cm.

Binding Clips

Contains approx 30 pieces.

Comes with a handy reusable box.

That Purple Thang

Such a great gadget for all sorts of things. It pushes, pokes, pulls, fudges, turns and stuffs. Mine never leaves the side of my sewing machine.

Curved Safety Pins Jumbo Pack - size 2

Size 38 mm

150 pieces in the pack.

Curved Safety Pins - size 0

Size 27 mm

100 pieces in the pack.

Pearlised Head Pins by Pony

A disc of 40 colour headed pins. Easy to hold.