Splendor by Pippa Shaw

Splendor, by British artist and designer Pippa Shaw for FIGO Fabrics, encapsulates the radiant beauty and rich palettes of autumn. The collection was inspired by autumnal vignettes featuring berries, fruits, nuts, leaves, fungi, flowers and migrating birds. Splendor is a celebration of nature in all its forms during this bountiful time of year.  Pippa says the collection combines so many of her most cherished sources of inspiration: the Art Deco & Nouveau styles, the Arts & Crafts aesthetic, Nature at its most resplendent, autumnal walks in the woods, harvesting fruits and nuts, and the last glimpses of the swifts and swallows before they set off for warmer climes for the winter months.

All the elements which feature in the Fall Botanica design were drawn either from Pippa's garden or the countryside that surrounds her. There‚Äôs so many different species featured and the flowing Art Nouveau lines really make the pattern flow and bring all the elements together.