Motley by Giucy Giuce

Lately Giuseppe Ribaudo (AKA Giucy Giuce) has found himself turning to the well of his childhood for inspiration. He really wanted this collection to be just plain fun. A dear friend suggested naming the group Motley, meaning disparate or varied in appearance. That name was perfect for this collection and he took that meaning to heart when naming each colour. Inspired by his favourite television shows from the eighties and nineties, the names are a homage to characters that have brought him so much happiness throughout the years.

The colours are signature Giucy Giuce and the organic, frenzied design adds just the right amount of texture to the fabric. Some of the colourways read as good old fashioned tonal blenders, but others are a straight-up party!  Whether you use it as a blender or want to make a whole project with this near-solid with a twist, Motley is all about joy.