Face covering kit

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The kit includes two Fat Quarters, pot luck on colour/design as we will be using sale fabrics, enough calico for lining and 5m elastic.  This will give you enough to make 8 regular masks.

There is a lot of talk in the media about having to wear face coverings (some are saying face masks) when lockdown is eased. Emma, on of our tutors, has tried quite a few patterns this week and the one she found easiest, comfortable and quick to make was this one:  


Emma made MASK 2 (regular size – but needed to change to “print actual size” rather than “fit to page” when printing) which was easier and quicker than MASK 1. Patterns for child and large size are also available.   Emma trialled the elastic both around ears (2 pieces) and around the head (left as 1 piece) and around the head is definitely more comfortable.  For the covering in the picture here, Emma didn’t add the wire across the nose.

NOTE:  these are not designed to protect us from getting Covid-19 nor are they suitable for NHS workers (Paula Doyle does a good pattern for those which is on her website or Facebook page) but by making these we can avoid pressure on masks that are needed by NHS and other carers.