Blank Gold Quilting Between Needles No.9-10-12 by Clover

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Black Gold Quilting Between Needles No.9-10-12 by Clover (4963)

Professional-type polished needles with special black plating. Outstanding rust resistance. Bend-resistant, break resistant shaft.

Clover Black Gold needles are for the finest and most exquisite stitching. Velvety smooth, polished shaft and sharp point for effortless piercing. These long-lasting needles are black plated for enhanced rust resistance; they do not bend or break easily. The ultimate balance between hardness and flexibility.

6pcs; 2 each of:  

Size 9: 0.53 x 27.0mm;

Size 10: 0.46 x 25.4mm;

Size 12: 0.53 x 24.4mm.

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