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Val has used the beautiful The Seamstress collection by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts for Andover to make a "Dear One" quilt. This pattern was originally released by Andover to accompany the Little Sweetheart collection; we think it looks great in The Seamstress too... and would look great in any of Edyta's collections for that matter!

The quilt is constructed from 10" precuts - each block is made from a medium or dark 10" square along with a lighter centre. The lighter 10" squares will each make the centres for five blocks. So you need one light 10" square for every five medium or dark squares.  Alternatively Val has used the same light fabric for all the block centres and matched this to the background fabric. She has used the Pins in Vintage Linen fabric for her background and made a smaller quilt with 9 blocks.  If you wanted to make a 20 block quilt, you can get up to 20 blocks from one of our Creative Quilting cut 10" precut packs, depending on if your background fabric is one of the fabrics within the precut pack or not.  If you follow Val's example and use the same light fabric throughout as your background fabric, you would then need more yardage of background fabric (e.g. another 10" by WOF of background to give enough for twenty blocks).  

Download Andover's free pattern for making your own Dear One quilt here:

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