Schmetz Super Nonstick 80/12

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Schmetz Super Nonstick Needle 80/12 Sewing Machine Needles (5pcs).

UK Size 12 - Metric Size 80. 

The SCHMETZ Super NonStick sewing machine needle is a Super Universal Needle with a reinforced blade, extra wide eye, deep scarf, and a slightly rounded point. The eye corresponds to a needle two sizes larger (i.e., the 70/10 NonStick eye is similar to a size 90/14 regular Universal eye). The anti-adhesive coating (NIT) resists sticky stablizers, fusibles, and adhesives. Use for machine embroidery, machine appliqué, multi-media quiltings, sewing vinyl, and hoop and loop tape. If stitching on light or white fabrics or threads, test first for excess residue.
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