A Place for Everything 2.0

Patterns By Annie
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A Place for Everything 2.0 Pattern by Patterns by Annie 

This spacious organizer stores and carries tools and supplies, providing visibility and easy access to all.

The bag features handles and an adjustable/detachable carrying strap along with two removable pocket pages with mesh or vinyl pockets in a variety of styles.

Abundant pockets in a variety of styles are the key to ensuring that there is a place for everything … and that everything is in its place!

The case measures about 10"H x 14" W x 5½"D when closed with removable pages measuring 13"H x 20"W

The A Place for Everything 2.0 pattern includes a coupon to get the Add-on Video™ at no charge from the By Annie Patterns website. The Add-on Video™ is specially designed to support specific parts of the pattern and help the maker learn By Annie's best techniques. It doesn't replace the pattern -- but it will enhance the sewing experience.

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